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It was here in 29’ and came back in 92’

11 Dec 2017


In Seville there were two big events in the past century, next to the normal holidays as Semana Santa, Feria de Abril, Christmas etc. Those two, were the world expos that were held here, in our beautiful city of Seville. In 1929 and in 1992 there were expos that were brought to Seville and that really made Seville famous and really put Seville on the map. The city was getting more familiar and better well known by the day.


The first expo was the World Expo or the America Ibero Express in 1929. This expo was between Spain, Portugal and South America, to improve the trade connections amongst those countries and areas and to get their name out to the public. This expo was held in Seville so it was a big event for the city. They invested millions in beautiful houses, hotels, fountains, parks and whole districts. You can see the famous buildings of the expo everywhere in the city but most of it is in the center. Well known buildings are The Alfonso the 13th Hotel, Barrio Santa Cruz, Jardines de Murillo, the amazing fountain at Puerta the Jerez and last but not least, Plaza de Espana, the place were the countries met each other on the square. Of course a lot of people came to Seville for this expo so this was the first big event that really showed Seville to the people and showed them how beautiful this city can be.


The second expo was the World Expo of 1992. This was also held in Seville, exactly 500 years after the famous Christoffel Columbus set foot in America in 1492. Columbus was, and still is very famous inside the city because this was the city where his whole journey to America started. therefore to honour this man and to also get another big event to the city, the expo came to Seville. Every country that contributed in this expo got their own monument, building or work of art in the World expo neighbourhood that lays behind the ‘’Lipstick tower’’. Unfortunately today, there are a lot of buildings missing because a lot of them were in bad condition and dangerous or were destroyed in an earthquake or big fire for example. Luckily there still are a lot of nice buildings and things to see of the expo in this area so is definitely worth checking out.


Although I personally love both of the expos and the two expos are hard to compare, my favourite of the two will be the first one. The fact that almost everything is in the center is really nice, in that way it’s easier to see or find for people and all the buildings and fountains are really beautiful. Also the amazing Alfonso the 13th hotel will always astonish me. And the Plaza de Espana, for me, is the most beautiful building of Seville.The expo of 1992 was also really nice but the fact that a lot of the building are gone, dangerous and not possible to enter today, it’s hard to see everything. Luckily I have seen a lot from both of the expos and they are als both worth checking out as everything looks very pretty.