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Jardines de Murillo

20 Oct 2019

When you have been in Seville, you have most likely walked through the well-known Maria Luisa park as well as the smaller park next to it: Jardines de Murillo. If you haven’t been in Seville yet, definitely do not skip this place! These gardens are next to the Real Alcazar, the royal palace in Seville and during our daily biketours our guides show you these gardens and tell more about its history.

The Jardines de Murillo are the result of a gift in 1911 from the Huerta del Retiro del Alcázar and are named after the famous baroque painter Murillo who lived from 1617 until 1682. When looking at the park from above, you will see the composition of the gardens are based on grid paths and those paths meet in beautiful roundabouts surrounded by benches with ceramic tiles, fountains and all different types of decoration. The flowerbeds are filled with dense masses of vegetation which makes the gardens even more attractive. There are a couple of important things in the Jardines de Murillo which I will explain further.

The massive ficus trees
The first thing that catches people’s eyes are the enormous ficus trees that are so big you could run some laps around it! Not only the trees themselves, but also the roots are impressive to say the least. A great place to shoot some pictures to keep as a reminder of your holiday!

Monument to Christopher Columbus
The ficus trees are not the only big things you will see in the gardens. Another thing you can add to the list of beautiful monuments in Seville is the huge monument dedicated to Cristopher Columbus, who discovered America in 1492 and had started his journey right here in Seville. Not only can you see the ship he used for his journey, the Santa Maria, you will also see Queen Isabel and King Fernando who gave Columbus his commission while they were residing in Cordoba.

Are you going to Seville and do you want to escape the busy main streets and enjoy some quietness and peace for a moment? The Murillo gardens are the perfect place where time stops. Take your time to look at all the beautiful vegetation and admire the massive ficus trees!