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Maria Luisa park

12 Jan 2022

Parque Maria Luisa

If you come to visit Seville, it is definitely recommended to take a walk, cycle or scooter through the park. It is a very beautiful park, with nice places, where you can sit and enjoy the peace. In addition, you can also go there with the family, as there are many facilities for the children to play. But how exactly did this park come about and where are the nice places? In this blog I am going to tell you my three favourite places in the park and what you can do there!

If you have been to Seville, you may have noticed the government building, the San-Telmo palace. In the past this was not the government building but the palace of Princess Maria-Luisa. Here was a large garden which was the property of Princess Maria Luisa.
When Princess Maria Luisa died in 1893, she wrote a letter stating that she donated this palace, but also the large garden to Seville. This is now the Maria Luisa park.

My favorite spots in the park:
Glorieta de bécquer:
Bécquer was a well-known Spanish Romantic poet. He was born in Seville. His poems were often about love. Here you will see three images of women representing different stages of love, firstly the infatuation, then the woman possessed by love and finally, the lost love.
In the middle you see a statue of Bécquer himself. Next to him flies Cupid (or Eros in Greek) and behind him on the ground fallen love.

Plaza de América: A square with pavilions from the expo of '29. Today they are used as museums. On the north side you see the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares (Mudéjar pavilion), on the top the Royal Pavilion and on the south side the archaeological museum (Pavilion of fine art). All designed by Aníbal González. You will also find a terrace in the sun on this square and in the middle of the square you will find many pigeons that you can feed.

Isleta de los pajaros:
This is a small pavilion, of which it sits a little bit in the water. You can see ducks walking or swimming, but also geese and even peacocks. In this small pavilion there is a bench where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful view and the tranquility. Legend has it that Alfonso Xll has declared his love to Maria de las Mercedes here.