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Meet our birdnerd nan

17 Oct 2016

Nan is 30 years old. She lived in The Netherlands in a city called Breda, but three years ago she decided to move to Seville. We could not have been happier with the decision of our nightingale to move here. Two years ago Nan applied for the job as a guide. Before she worked as a guide, she was a teacher. For her, working at this company was the perfect opportunity. During the daily bike tour she could give all the information in the city she has fallen in love with.
We will give you a ‘’little tour’’ to get to know our  BIRDNERD ‘Nanneke’.

Why do we call her a birdnerd?
She loves birds. Nan knows everything about birds. She often goes on trips to spot birds.
Nan: ‘’It is just an amazing feeling''.

1. What is your favourite place in Seville?
Plaza de España. It does not matter how many times I have been there the place still amazes me.

2. Why is Plaza de España your favourite place?
At this place you can see people enjoying their life.

3. What is the thing you like the most about the city?
The way of life. In Seville you can be much more spontaneous. There is no need to plan everything.

4. What is an experience to remember for you?
One day a woman asked me if I missed my family. I told her that I missed my family a lot. She answered: If you don’t mind, I would love to be your grandma for one day. So you still have the feeling your family is here with you. She made me smile. I asked her where she came from, because I always called my grandmas with the city they came from. She said: ‘’Leiden’’. So the whole tour I called her my grandma from Leiden. This day could have not be more perfect for me. It is really amazing how one person can just change your sad face into a smile.

5. If there were two words to describe Seville which words would you choose?
Second home. Seville is home for me.

Top 5 favourite places:
1. Plaza de España
2. Maria Luise Park
3. Ovejas negras
4. Alameda
5. The river side

If you can’t wait to see our BIRDNERD in real life, you can book a tour at ATD.