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“My favorite Spanish band”- Joris

15 May 2020

The perfect way to get to know a country's best music artists and bands? Watch their national music award show. In less than an hour, you'll discover the country’s best male and female artist, best band, best song, best album, a revelation of the year, and best live-act. Basically, the best what a country has to offer in terms of music. So, that’s what I did with Spain.

Many expectations, very disappointing results. Apparently, to win an Odeón Award you have to be good at ballads, love songs, and romantic duets. For many Spaniards may be the finest music, for me the ideal background music to fall asleep. For those who want to move, prefer an energetic atmosphere, and want to let the real Spanish vibes into his living room, only one advise: 'La Pegatina' (the sticker in Spanish). The Mestizo sound of this Catalan 8-person band (at live acts they are even with 15) sticks to you from the very first note. Who doesn't know what Mestizo is: take some ska, take some punk, take some rumba and mix it with a good portion of trumpets. The energetic blend you get is pure Mestizo (maybe Manu Chao, another famous Mestizo-Artist, rings a bell).

Can't wait to be in Spain? Take a sangria or tinto de verano (a cool mix of red wine and sprite), go to Spotify, and put on La Pegatina's live album - La gran Pegatina Live 2016. You'll soon be relieved of any stress. If you listen carefully, you can even find some international classics hidden in between their own very good songs. Curious how ‘Narcotic’ of Liquido sounds on a violin? ‘Take on me’ from A-Ha in a ska version? Or 'I will survive' by Gloria Gaynor with some extra trumpets?

Click this link to listen: