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“My favorite Spanish shop” - Maureen

08 May 2020

Because I’m someone who loves shopping, I thought it was a good idea to write about my favorite Spanish shop. When I think about Spanish shops, I immediately think of clothing stores like Zara, Mango, Bershka, and Pull&Bear. But I think these are a little cliché to write about. So, in this blog, you can read about a shop here in Seville, “Cerámica Santa Ana” which is situated in the quarter Triana.

In this shop, you can find hand-made ceramic tiles, vases, tableware, flowerpots, and many more. The ceramics from Cerámica Santa Ana can not only be seen in the store itself, but also in the streets of Seville! Besides the beautiful facade of the store, there is a big chance that the ceramic altarpieces, street signs, and tiles, you’ll see in the city, are also made by Cerámica Santa Ana.

For people who are interested in ceramic, in Triana, you also have the Centro Cerámica Triana. This is a museum situated in the old Santa Ana factory, where they used to produce ceramic in the past. Many of the traditional elements of the factory have been preserved. In the ceramic center, you’ll find several historical ovens, the well, the potters wheel, and a lot more.

Website of Cerámica Santa Ana:
Adres: Calle Callao n 14, 41010 Sevilla Spanje