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Real Alcazar

12 May 2022

One of the showpieces of Seville. The Real Alcázar, surrounded by the old city wall, in the mudejar style and her beautiful gardens is certainly worth a visit.

It used to be known as Al-Qasr, because the current royal palace was built on the ruins of an old Moorish royal palace. In the tiles in the Patio de la Monteria, you can read a sentence of the Koran, “there is no victor but Allah”.

The Patio de las Doncellas might just be the prettiest of the patios of the palace. This is a patio that’s decorated with a lot of different styles and now, after the restoration it looks the same as it did in the 14th century.

If the king wishes he could still live and sleep here. The entirety of the first floor is fitted and ready to be lived in. You can visit the first floor if u want, but you do have to pay an additional fee before entry is permitted.

The gardens of the Real Alcázar might the most beautiful parts of the palace. The grotto gallery has an amazing view over the charming gardens. I advise to take a long stroll through these gardens, enjoy the garden of poets, the pavilion of Charles the fifth and the portal of privilege.