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Sevilles Jewish Quarter: Barrio Santa Cruz!

06 Jan 2020

In our other blogs, we have talked about different quarters, for example Triana, where the beautiful art of flamenco started. Today, we want to talk about Barrio Santa Cruz, the Jewish quarter in Seville!

Close to the gothic cathedral of Seville and Real Alcazar, you can find your way through the small streets and alleys of Santa Cruz. Impressing artists making oil paintings and musicians cover the streets here. The main street, Calle Agua, leads you through Santa Cruz and ends in the Murillo Gardens. 

The Jewish quarter

Why do we call this quarter in the Spanish city Seville the Jewish quarter? The history of this quarter is quite sad. Seville used to have the biggest community of Jews in Spain. It is unclear when these Jews started living in Spain, but at least since Roman times. In the Moorish period, they were able to live in freedom here in the city, but when the Almohads came, this freedom ended. When San Fernando came to power in 1248, the Jews regained their freedom. He even gave them some synagogues that used to be mosques and he gave them the Barrio Santa Cruz to live. 

In 1492 the Jews had to leave Spain or had to become Catholic, a lot of Jews also were murdered in the years before. This period was called the inquisition. Even though the quarter is not really Jewish anymore, you can still see their influences and enjoy this beautiful part of the city. 

What to do in Santa Cruz?

Are you curious about the Jews in Seville? Check out the small museum Centro de Interpretacion Juderia de Sevilla. It is located at Calle Ximenez de Enciso 22-Ac. Here they tell you more about the impressing stories and interesting facts about the Jews in Seville. Santa Cruz is also perfect to go enjoy some good food or taste the best sangria of the city in Calle Agua at the restaurant ‘Agua Y Vida’. When you are staying in this area of the city you are lucky, because you are close to the Cathedral, the Archivo General de Indias and Real Alcazar. 

Don’t look too much on your map, but get lost in the wonderful labyrinth of streets and alleys here in Santa Cruz. During our Daily bike tour, we also go through this quarter, or contact us for a walking tour in this area of the city!