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Todos los Santos: All Saints' Day

29 Oct 2015

Todos los Santos: All Saints' Day

Keep the first and the second of November free in your agenda! This date is the date of the famous “Fiesta Todos los Santos”, the All Saints’ Day. The official fiesta is on the first of November, but this year it will be celebrated on the second of November. We call it “Puente”, because it’s a national day off and the first of November will be on a Sunday this year, so everyone would have been off anyway! This year, the Spanish people will be 3 days straight off, that’s why this year it will be celebrated on the second of November.

What is it exactly? Fiesta Todos los Santos is a Catholic day where they celebrate in entire Spain the fact that there weren’t special days off for the holy people and the martyrs to memorialize them (the martys are people who gave everything for their religion). There is just one special day to honour all these holy people.

During Todos los Santos, there is a special ritual that families visit the graves of their lost family-members. They make a ritual by cleaning the graves and decorating them with beautiful flowers. Afterwards the families eat lots of traditional sweets, for example “Buñuelos de viento” or “Huesos de Santo”. Delicious typical treats what everybody eats during Todos los Santos! (See below)

Buñuelos de viento             Huesos de Santo

But it’s not only about honouring and focussing on the death.. On the other side, this day is also about celebrating life, it is happy day as well!

So, what do you have to see when you’re in Andalusia during this special day? There are several activities in the different cities of Andalusia. We figured out the best activities for you!

In Cádiz;

Cádiz is one of the nicest cities to visit if you want to experience Todos los Santos. They also call it “Tosantos”. People dress up like rabbits in the markets and make little animals of the fruits in the markets. The whole region gets involved and they have festivities all week lang. There are nice activities during this special day in Cádiz! There are several festivals and markets. For example, the markets “Virgen Del Rosario” and the Central market. There will be a parade, choreography for the kids, flamenco performances, party’s for kids and magic shows!

In Málaga;

Monday the 2nd of November, there will be a ballet flamenco show in theatre “Cervantes”, in Málaga. The choreography is of Rafaela Carrasco. There will be solo-dancers, musicians, guitarists and line dancers. The show starts at 19:00. The tickets are about 7 euros up to 21 euros. The show will be 1 hour and 15 minutes! Buy your tickets here!

In Sevilla;

What? There are some programmed concerts in a Film Symphony. There is a concert with an orchestra who plays all the tracks of the movies. The programme is divided in two parts. In the first part of the show, the music of the next movies will be played, Citizen Kane, The bridge on the River Kwai, Out of Africa, Matrix, Imitation game, Star Trek and many more.
The second part of the concert, the tracks of Mission Impossible, El Bosque, The Big Country, The Avengers, Legends of the Fall, E.T. and many more!
When? On the first of November at 20:00.
Where? Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Sevilla (Fibes), avenida del Alcalde Luis Uruñuela, 1.
Costs: A ticket are between 31 and 78 euros. A ticket of 78 euros will be included a meet & greet and a merchandising packet. The show is also available for wheelchairs.
You can buy your tickets here:


If you prefer more to drink some beers, then this is the right place for you! The entire week there is a beer festival on different locations. The 31st of October and the 1st of November, the festival will take place in the city-centre of Seville. The 2nd of November, during Todos los Santos, the festival will take place in Tejares 11, Seville. Pick your day and look where you need to be! Several beers who can be tasted, find out your favourite!

So, there is enough to visit and discover! You may not miss this if you really want to experience the Spanish culture yourself!