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A trip around the world

06 Oct 2016

Festival de las naciones will give you a trip around the world.
You don’t need to travel anymore, because all you want to discover about the world can be just right in front of you.

It starts from the 16th of September until the 30th of October. It is located in the Jardines del prado de San Sebastián, which is near the Plaza de España.
You can entry for free the whole day, but in the evening the appearance is even much better. Then the whole place lights up and it feels like Christmas came early.

At the festival there are cute shops where you can buy things that belongs to different countries.
Here you can also taste all the typical food from every place. Whether you prefer to have a taste of the ‘’currywurst’’ from Germany or ‘’tacos’’ from Mexico.
The food here will definitely take your breath away.

Besides tasting the delicious food, there is also a stage for artists that give away a amazing performance.
This will ensure you a great atmosphere during the whole festival.
Tip: The smoothies of South-America are a must.

Relaxation, happiness and freedom are the three words that will describe this festival. It is just like you are on a holiday.
You can and will discover the whole world in just one flick of an eye.