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Visiting Seville when you don't speak Spanish

07 Dec 2019

We wrote a blog earlier about this, but we would love to update a few things. 

I want to go to Seville but I only speak English
When you don't speak Spanish, we can imagine you think traveling to/in Spain might seem impossible. If you plan on going to Seville in the (near) future, we have some tips for you!

Do the locals speak English in Seville?
When I moved to Spain, I only knew very basic Spanish. I at least knew how to say yes and no and how to thank someone, but ordering food and drinks, was that going to go alright? I found out the Spanish people in Seville know less English then I expected. But over the years, this is changing. Especially the younger generation has a bigger English vocabulary and understand you when you try to order something. More and more restaurants provide their menu in English nowadays, which makes it a lot easier. When you visit one of the highlights of Seville, such as the Cathedral or Real Alcazar, personnel speaks English, so you don't have to worry about having problems with buying tickets. 

Let's learn some Spanish!
Do you have a trip to Seville planned? Enough time to learn some Spanish so you can order your coffee, a beer or one of the delicious tapas! But be aware, here in Seville they use the Andalusian dialect, this might make it a bit harder to understand for you. We would like to teach you some sentences!

Buenas días = Good morning

Buenas tardes= Good afternoon

Me llamo... = My name is.... 

Por favor = Please

No hablo Español, lo siento = I don't speak Spanish, I'm sorry

Me gustaría una cerveza = I would like a beer

Adíos = Goodbye

Gracias = Thank you

Did you learn all these sentences! Well done! Time to step it up! We recommend you to practice Spanish because it is a fun and interesting language! You can, for example, download an app like DuoLingo to practice words and sentences or sign up to websites where you can practice with other people. You can also learn the old school way and buy a dictionary to learn all the words you want. Once you're here in Spain, you will see that you get a hang of the words quite fast. Pay attention to the signs, to the names of the streets and the conversations you hear!

Good luck practicing and enjoy Seville!