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What you can do with less than a full day in Cadiz

03 Jun 2018


Some time off

Last week I had some days off and it was boiling hot in Sevilla, so I wanted to escape the heat and relax a bit. Some Sevillan friends of mine advised me to go to Tarifa or Cadiz to visit some peaceful beaches and unwind. So that is what I did! I went solo travelling from Sevilla to Cadiz by train. This was really easy, because if you go by train from the Santa Justa train station to Cádiz, they drop you off in the city centre and it only takes about two hours to get there. I stayed in Casa Caracol, which is a cosy hostel for young and old! I really felt welcome and got to meet amazing people. The city reminds me a bit of Sevilla, because you also have loads of good tapas bars, warm people, similar plants, such as the rubber plant and small streets where you can easily get lost.

What did I visit?

The first day I wandered a bit around by myself, because I really needed some me-time. In the morning I hiked on the old city walls and enjoyed the view. Lateron I visited the Genovés Park. I have read a part of the first book of Game of Thrones and had a good menu del Día in there for only nine euros. It was really relaxing and afterwards i continued my hike. I went to visit the Castillo de Santa Catalina, where there were some exhibitions of abstract art. Even some artists were working there and you could just have a chat with them. This entrance is free, so perfect for students who are travelling around the coastline. On top of the castle, I got stunned by the breathtaking views of the city and the ocean. After walking around in the castle for two hours, I went to la Caleta beach and fell asleep. This was not such a good idea, because I didn't use sunscrean and got really sunburnt. At the end of the day, I had some fine tapas near the Cathedral and got back to the hostel where I quickly went to bed, because I was exhausted.

Surfing classes and (water) sports

The next day I had breakfast with some other guests and it was at that moment that I met Ana and Sophie. These are two girls with a stunning personality, who also wanted to learn surfing. We had a good chat and left to Playa de Victoria, where we got our first surfing lessons. After two waves I could catch my first real wave and this felt so good, that the day after, we took classes again. Now we still get along and we are planning a reunion in Granada. Sadly it was a short trip of only three days, which passed way to fast. I will definately go back to discover more about the city by bike , because this is the easiest way to get to know cities. If you also love water sports, Cádiz is the place to be!

Travelling by train

When I took the train back home, I met some lovely Austrians who shared their picknick with me on the train. We spoke about our experiences with Cádiz and talked about their country, because I used to go skiing a lot in Waidring with my family. We had a good time and when we were back in Sevilla, it was time to say goodbye and arriving in Sevilla felt like feeling home again.