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10 things you must see in the María Luisa park

26 May 2020

The María Luisa Park, also known as El Parque María Luisa was the first city park in Seville. Officially, most of the grounds of the park were the former gardens of the Palace of San Telmo. But in 1893 princess Luisa Fernanda, donated them to the city of Seville for public use.

Nowadays, the park is a place to relax after an active day in the city center or a place to cool down because of the hot temperatures, but besides that, it is also a place to take beautiful pictures. El Parque Maria Luisa is large, which makes it difficult to see the forest for the trees. That’s why we’ll help you! After reading this blog you know exactly which highlights in the park you must see! So do you want to know which ones these are? Then continue reading.

1) Glorieta de Bécquer

At this place named Glorieta de Bécquer, you’ll find a statue dedicated to the poet Gustavo Adolfo Béquer. The statue contains the poet himself, and three women who represent the enchanted love, the processed love, and the lost love. At this place, there is also a little place where you can leave a love letter or a little message. Most people write these on the fallen leaves from the trees. Isn’t it a romantic place?

2) El monumento a la infanta María Luisa

Something you also must-see is the statue of María Luisa herself. She ensured that the park is accessible to the public now. Besides that the statue overlooks a pond with fountains, which will give again a very romantic ambiance.

3) Isleta de los Pájaros

In the center of the María Louisa Park you’ll find a pond with two islands, including the Isleta de los pájaras, or in English Bird Island. The other island is accessible by a small bridge for visitors. The bird island is only accessible to birds such as ducks, peacocks, swans, and pigeons. It is a place where they rest and maybe enjoy some bread crumbs.

4) Pabellón de Alfonso XII

On the island that is accessible for people, you can find the pavilion of Alfonso XII. A Legend says that King Alfonso XII declared his love to María de las Mercedes in this place. Pabellón de Alfonso XII, really is a wonderful place to rest and was also used as a resting place when the park was still part of the San Telmo Palace.

5) Fuente de las Ranas

Fuente de las Ranas, or fountain of the frogs is the park's oldest fountain dating from 1914. It consists of eight frogs and a duck resting on a turtle in the center. All Made of ceramic. Unfortunately, the fountain has often been destroyed, so now only 1 frog is original…

6) El jardín de los Leones

Next to the frog fountain you can find the lion garden. In this garden you’ll find a fountain with six lions that are standing on an edge made out of little ceramic tiles.

7) Monte Gurugú

Monte Gurugú is a decorative mountain, with a waterfall. This place is named after a mountain in Morocco. On top of the mountain, you can rest and enjoy the view. There is a legend that tells you that when you climb Monte Gurugú with your love, and there is nobody else on the top when you kiss each other, the love will be forever.

8) Plaza de América

Behind Monte Gurugú, Plaza de América can be found. On this square, you’ll find three pavilions, of which two museums, the Museum of Popular Arts and the Customs and the Archaeological Museum. The other pavilion is the royal pavilion. These three buildings were built by the architect Aníbal González between 1913 and 1916 for the Ibero-American Exhibition in 1929.

9) Fuentes de las Palomas

You can also find Fuente de las Palomas on Plaza de América. Many white pigeons can be found at this place.

10) Flora

In addition to the monuments, fountains, and buildings, you must not forget the beautiful flora in the park. Everywhere you look, you’ll see beautiful flowers and trees.

So now you know exactly which highlights in the park you must see!

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