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08 Sep 2018

So, I guess whatever you’ll find on the internet about ATD I probably have something to do with it. I’m going to make blogs, vlogs and many more! 

In my free time I like to play volleyball, go out for a run, watching movies or just being around friends! I also like it a lot to travel. So, when I had the chance to do my internship abroad, I immediately knew I had to go. This was my chance. 

Why Sevilla?

But why in Sevilla? It’s strange because I have no family or friends here (yet). Also, I do not speak a word...

08 Aug 2018

Spanish siesta


The Origin of Siesta

When you think about Spain, you think about Siesta. It’s one of the most famous stereotypes about Spanish culture. But what does Siesta mean? A lot of people think that Siesta born in Spain but it’s false. Indeed, in the Romanian empire, people were already making siesta. Moreover, Siesta comes from the Romanian sixth hour. Currently, siesta is a bad topic about Spain...

16 Jul 2018

Beat the heat: How to survive the heat in Sevilla

Beat the heat!
How to survive the heat in Europe's Oven: Sevilla!


Sevilla, a beautiful city with a rich history. The perfect destination for a city trip one might say. During the months of July and August however, the city it self remains stunning but be aware of the extreme temperatures. The tempera...

01 Jul 2018

Andalusian Climate

Andalucia is split up by the Sierra Morena and the Betic Cordillera. The Betic Depression can be felt in the middle of this, which charecterises Seville with boiling summers. Other mountain regions are green, such as El Bosque de la Niebla.

Underneath I will discuss the climate of some interesting regions.



In Cádiz...

01 Jul 2018

sierra nevada, spain


Go somewhere else than the Alhambra!

A lot of people already know about the beauty of Granada and almost everyone visits Granada on their roadtrip through Andalucía. Sadly, a lot of people who visit Granada forget to visit the Sierra Nevada. That's a shame, because after visiting the big city, who doesn't want to see some beau...

01 Jul 2018

Old towers and walls of Sevilla

The old city walls and his towers

La Torre del Oro

La Torre de Oro is one of the landmarks in the city. This tower used to be built in the thirteenth century by the Moors to defend the city. They used to have a pontoon bridge between this one and the neighbourhood on the other side of the river, which is today known as Triana,_Seville . This brid...

03 Jun 2018


Some time off

Last week I had some days off and it was boiling hot in Sevilla, so I wanted to escape the heat and relax a bit. Some Sevillan friends of mine advised me to go to Tarifa or Cadiz to visit some peaceful beaches and unwind. So that is what I did! I went solo travelling from Sevilla to Cadiz by train. This was really easy, because if you go by train from the Santa Justa train st...

11 May 2018

a new adventure by loek

Who am I?

Hola, qué tal? My name is Loek and I am a tourism student from The Netherlands. I am the latest addition to the ATD-team. I’m an intern and I will be a guide from May until September. 

Why Sevilla?

Well… this is a little bit weird; I had never been in Sevilla before and also I don’t have friends or family living here...

06 May 2018

Some history

Since the 19th century, football is being played by Spaniards. It was introduced by the British workers and sailors. The first club was created in 1889: Recreativo Huelva. Quickly followed by Athletic de Bilbao and FC Barcelona.

Copa Macaya was first Catalan competition. This was an annual football competition...